One dedicated Mario fan has recreated the levels of the legendary Super Mario Bros. 3 in New Super Mario Bros. for the DS.

Among long-time gamers, Super Mario Bros. 3 is considered by many to be one of the finest videogames ever made. A dedicated fan of Nintendo’s iconic series has spent quite a bit of time transposing the levels from the classic SMB3 to a decidedly new-school format on the DS – as you can see in this almost-15-minute trailer here to the right.

It isn’t just SMB3 that gets the New Super Mario Bros. treatment, either – this fan remake also contains levels from SMB2, Super Mario World, and even Metroid. This just makes me wonder how exactly Mario would handle a battle against Ridley, but that’s what Super Smash Bros. is for, isn’t it?

Given that this is a patch for the Nintendo DS title, which requires A.) an emulator or B.) a flashcart that supports such things, the legality of this is, shall we say, a bit questionable – and on the YouTube page containing the trailer, its creator recognizes this, exhorting people to only download this patch if they have a legitimate copy of New Super Mario Bros..

Possible legal issues aside, I don’t think any of us can say that this isn’t impressive in its own way. This is clearly a labor of love for someone who really loves Mario as a series and Super Mario Bros. 3 as an iconic part of videogame culture.

I’m a bit bummed that it seems to just be the SMB3 levels with none of the classic powerups – the shoe, man, the shoe! – but really, you can only do so much if you’re modding a game like this, right? It’s a nice piece of work as it is.

Nice going, Mr. Mario Fan. Here’s hoping that Nintendo doesn’t bring its Hammer Bros. legal team down on your head.

(Via VG247)

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