Insomniac’s Officially Done With Resistance

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Even though the Resistance series is still ongoing, Insomniac isn’t going to be making any more games for it.

Insomniac’s fearless leader Ted Price set off a firestorm of comments and speculation when he recently revealed that the studio was done making Resistance videogames. Apparently a lot of people were worried that this meant the actual series itself was finished. As a result, Price took to YouTube today to reassure fans that the Resistance franchise will continue, but it’ll just be at the hands of other studios.

Sitting down for a “face-to-face” talk with YouTube viewers, Price clarified what’s happening with the series that his company launched:

“We believe that Resistance has reached its logical conclusion – in terms of the story we wanted to tell. However, that doesn’t mean the Resistance franchise isn’t continuing. It’s already in the capable hands of Nihilistic, and with Sony’s shepherding we know it will continue to live on and expand. We’re excited – as fanboys – to see where it goes.”

The next Resistance game will be Resistance: Burning Skies, which is being developed for Vita by Nihilistic Software (though I feel obligated to point out that this studio’s track record is way less impressive than Insomniac’s). Insomniac, meanwhile, is working on the gleefully over-the-top shooter Overstrike.

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