Instinct Technology and University Train Students for Game Careers


Instinct Technology supplies the University of Abertay Dundee with a program for preparing future game developers.

The University of Abertay Dundee and Instinct Technology have inked a deal to create an incubator program for training the next generation of games programmers. Instinct Technology will license Abertay the tools the university will need for its programs. The suite include a one-of-a-kind course plan and professional-level development kits which differentiate the package from the commercial Instinct Studios set.

Mike Gamble, Business Development Director at Instinct Technology, stated, “This agreement is exciting on a number of levels. Not only are we partnering with the U.K.’s premier provider of game development education, but we are also helping to create a situation where tomorrow’s game developers will arrive in the workplace with invaluable experience of Instinct Studio under their belts. We have believed for some time that this has been something of a gap within the industry and look forward to playing our part in helping Abertay create innovative game development courses based on the Instinct Studio technology.”

“We are delighted to have concluded this deal with Instinct Technology, Abertay can now not only provide a ‘best in class’ commercial game middleware platform for our own students, but also, we take on the welcome role of a centre of excellence and guarantor of longevity for these technologies. In the coming years Abertay will disseminate these technologies and its training programme to other universities and colleges. We see this as a pivotal role for universities in support of the creative industries,” commented Paul Fullwood, Abertay’s Professor of Video Games Technology.

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