Top CPU maker Intel has announced its acquisition of Havok, a software company best-known for its widely-used Havok physics engine.

“Havok is a proven leader in physics technology for gaming and digital content, and will become a key element of Intel’s visual computing and graphics efforts,” said Intel Vice-President of Software and Solutions Group Renee J. James. The company will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel, but its operations will remain otherwise unchanged. “Havok will operate its business as usual,” James added, “which will allow them to continue developing products that are offered across all platforms in the industry.”

First shown in 2000, Havok Physics has been used in a wide range of games, from lesser lights like Backyard Wrestling and Tribes: Vengeance to hits including The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter and F.E.A.R. Future releases Halo 3, Alan Wake, Hellgate: London and StarCraft 2 will also employ the Havok software. The company also produces Havok Behavior and Havok Animation, software tools that integrate with Havok Physics and existing game engines to simplify the development process.

Havok CEO David O’Meara said, “This is a great fit for Havok products, customers and employees. Intel’s scale of technology investment and customer reach enable Havok with opportunities to grow more quickly into new market segments with new products than we could have done originally.”

Terms of the agreement have not yet been disclosed.

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