Internet Retailer Seemingly Reveals Gran Turismo 6 Release Date


To the surprise of no one, Gran Turismo 6 is imminent. To the surprise of everyone, it may be a PlayStation 3 title.

At least, that’s the claim inadvertently made by online retailer Late last night (or early this morning, depending on your time zone), a listing appeared on NewEgg for Gran Turismo 6. This isn’t huge news as Sony’s made no secret that a sixth Gran Turismo title is in development. More notable however is that the NewEgg listing had Gran Turismo 6 labeled as a PlayStation 3 title, instead of a release for the upcoming, newly-revealed PlayStation 4.

Ah, but the NewEgg page (which has since been replaced by a far less interesting placeholder) didn’t stop there with its spilling of Sony’s precious beans. According to NewEgg, Gran Turismo 6 will debut on November 28. Given that Sony plans to launch the PlayStation 4 before the end of 2013, this could very well mean that Gran Turismo 6 will debut on a system that has recently been rendered obsolete by its newer, shinier successor.

Everything about this seems odd, but at the same time we’ve seen stranger decisions from Sony – The relative dearth of support for the technically excellent Vita handheld, for instance. So, while aren’t going to claim that NewEgg’s revelation is certainly the gospel truth, we also don’t know any reason to not believe the company (or, more specifically, its apparently unplanned mistake).

Honestly, we’re just hoping that whenever and wherever Gran Turismo 6 appears, that it doesn’t require a massive, months-in-coming 2.0 patch just to offer the full feature set promised by Sony prior to the title’s launch. Gran Turismo 5 would have been a much better game if Sony had only waited until it was actually complete before releasing it.

Source: Gamespot

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