In desperate need of investments, Interplay has made an SEC filing with a plan to create an MMOG based on the Fallout franchise.

With a purported budget of $75 million and an expected return on investment within three years of launch, Interplay is hopeful that investors will have interest in a Fallout MMOG. Proposing sale of Interplay common stock on one of the Euronext exchanges to raise capital, the proceeds would go toward development on the new game. Interplay lists a return on investment within three years of the game’s launch.

Planning to start development next month, Interplay has projected a launch date of Q3, 2010. Within the first year of release, the company claims they will have 1 million subscribers and become profitable within two years. Like most MMO sales pitches, Interplay briefly mentions World of Warcraft as a competitor and makes sure to point out that, “Interplay’s management was involved in the World of Warcraft project at Vivendi.”

An SEC filing is far from a confirmation that game development is going forward. Interplay has not released an original game since Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader in 2004.

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