Non-Player Counselor 3x3

From the minds behind No Right Answer, Non-Player Counselor shows why therapy for video game protagonists is no easy task.

Video game protagonists – to most of us they’re just vessels which let player characters stop terrorists, destroy alien mother ships, and save the world across every sequel. But under those cool demeanors and glib one-liners are emotional beings who have no outlet to address their personal problems. It takes a very special kind of counselor to help player characters through these issues – specifically the NPC, or Non-Player Counselor.

The Escapist is proud to introduce Non-Player Counselor, a new animated series from the creators of No Right Answer and Guy Cry Cinema. In the spirit of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, every episode introduces a new video game protagonist suffering problems that can’t be blocked with a chest-high wall, which a counselor will dutifully attempt to solve. This first episode presents Duke Nukem – a personality whose career ended thanks to a thirteen-year triple-A dud. But there might be a simple answer to myriad deep-seated issues – and in true psychology trope form, it involves his mother.

Duke Nukem is just the beginning. Non-Player Counselor will put a new protagonist on the couch every week, and viewers are encouraged to offer their suggestions. Simply send word to @NoRightTweet so your favorite video game protagonist can get the help they need.

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