A couple of skaters found that the iPad has more functions than Apple let on: it also doubles as a skateboard.

Smashing new technology outside of a Best Buy and videotaping it for YouTube has become so passé. The new way to abuse tech like the iPad is to absurdly turn it into something like a skateboard, which is exactly what pro skater Chad Knight and Fuel TV host Jeff King did.

They weren’t easy on Apple’s newest baby either. Holes were drilled, screws were implanted, and the iPad’s screen broke the first time Knight stepped on it. Go figure.

Believe it or not, the iPad doesn’t work very well as a skateboard due to its small size, but Knight and King were able to drop into a ramp successfully at least once. To add insult to injury, the iPad was then turned into a ramp extension – the “iExtension” – and demolished even more. Knight did spare Apple fanboys the anguish of watching it get completely stomped at the end, at least. These two fellows have found a much better way to annoy people that wait in line for hours to be the first to get Apple products or other technology, and at least they’re doing it in the name of science.

Via: technabob

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