Irrational Confirms BioShock‘s Burial at Sea Episode 2 Launch Date


So, who would you like to meet? How about everyone?

“In Burial at Sea – Episode Two, we are delivering a story that involves nearly every major character from the original BioShock and BioShock Infinite,” says Ken Levine. “It is a story that will give gamers a new perspective on the BioShock universe and conclude the story of BioShock Infinite and Burial at Sea.” Were you wondering when that was going to happen? Is March 25th good enough for you?

But will it return to Columbia? Will it change the way we look at the original BioShock? Will it mutate into a giant bird and hatch the World Egg that will save mankind? Possibly not. But you will get to play as Elizabeth, so at least you have that to look forward to.

Why is everything in March, you ask? Because March is lovely this time of year, that’s why.

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