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Is Dead Space Remake on EA Play?

Since the Dead Space remake is an EA game, here is the full answer to if it is available for play on EA Play.

With an RRP of $69.99, some might consider the Dead Space remake a little pricey. It’s also not on Xbox Games Pass or PlayStation Plus if you were hoping those services would let you play it for free. But since the Dead Space remake is an EA game, here is the answer to if it is available for play on EA Play.

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The Dead Space Remake Is on EA Play Pro for PC, but Not Regular EA Play

Well, we’ve got good news and bad news. The game is, technically, on EA Play — but only through the service’s higher-priced tier, EA Play Pro. So what does that mean for you? Firstly, if you want to play the remake, without purchasing it outright, you’ll have to pay $14.99 a month for an EA Play Pro subscription.

You can cancel it at any time, and since the remake doesn’t take a month to finish, that might be worth your time. But there’s no free trial, not even a week-long one, so if you were planning on taking that avenue, sorry.

Also, while EA Play is available on Xbox (and is “free” to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers), EA Play Pro is PC-only. On Xbox Series X, being an EA Play subscriber will get you a $7.00 discount off that $69.99 RRP, but you can’t play it for free.

It may be that the remake could eventually drop down to the regular EA Play tier, which would allow Xbox and PC-owning EA Play subscribers to play it for free, alongside Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. But there’s no telling when or if that will happen.

So, the Dead Space remake is not on EA Play, but it is on EA Play Pro.

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