Here is the answer to whether the spacefaring game Deliver Us Mars from KeokeN Interactive is available on Xbox or PC Game Pass.

After launching us into space with Deliver Us the Moon, developer KeokeN Interactive is taking players to the red planet with Deliver Us Mars — but is its latest spacefaring adventure available on Game Pass?

Deliver Us Mars Isn’t on Xbox or PC Game Pass, and While Deliver Us the Moon Was, It’s Since Been Removed

Deliver Us Mars sees you, as astronaut Kathy Johanson, on a quest to save a doomed Earth and discover the fate of your father. Are those goals compatible? You’ll have to play the game to find out. And in this case, that means paying for it.

The bad news is that, no, Deliver Us Mars isn’t on Xbox or PC Game Pass. The good news is that, priced at $29.99, it probably won’t break the bank. Could it come to Xbox or PC Game Pass later? It’s possible, but we wouldn’t expect to see that happen for a good year or so.

So what about the original game? Can you catch up on the events of Deliver Us the Moon via Game Pass? Again, no. It was originally on Game Pass, but it left the service on April 15, 2021. We were expecting it to at least be on sale, to whet players’ appetites, but that’s not happened. That may well be because each game has a different publisher.

So neither of these games is available on Game Pass. You’ll just have to open your wallet if you’re really interested in playing it.

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