Here is the answer to whether Meet Your Maker is on Xbox or PC Game Pass, or if maybe it is available through PlayStation Plus.

Meet Your Maker promises to be a lot of fun, whether you’re raiding outposts, FPS-style, or crafting your own with the intent of skewering the unwary. But will this building-and-raiding game be coming to Microsoft’s subscription service? Is Meet Your Maker on Game Pass?

No, Meet Your Maker Is Not on Game Pass, but It Is on PlayStation Plus as a Monthly Game

The title is not on Game Pass, and neither Microsoft nor developer Behaviour Interactive has indicated it’ll be coming to the service. However, it is on PlayStation Plus as one of April’s monthly games.

What that means is, whatever PlayStation Plus tier you’re on, you can claim the game as of April 4, its launch date. If you claim it, you can redownload it whenever you want, provided you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

So, if you claim it in April, cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription, and then resubscribe in November, you’ll be able to download and play it again. It’s possible that Meet Your Maker will be retired at some point, across all platforms. But Behaviour Interactive is no doubt hoping it’ll be such a success that people will be playing it for years.

The catch is that, if you don’t claim it before May’s monthly PlayStation Plus games arrive, you’ll have lost your chance. Then you’ll have to buy it outright to keep playing.

So, Meet Your Maker is not on Xbox or PC Game Pass, but you can claim it as part of a PlayStation Plus subscription, as part of April’s monthly games.

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