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Is Minecraft Legends on Game Pass?

Is Minecraft Legends on Game Pass?
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Ever played Minecraft and thought that an army of Creepers, Zombies, and Skeletons would kick some serious ass? Thanks to the upcoming release of Minecraft Legends you’ll be able to put that theory to the test in a Minecraft-based real-time strategy game. Just think of Age of Empires but with a blocky twist! If that piqued your interest and you’re keen to check it out, you may recall the previous spin-off, Minecraft Dungeons, came to Xbox Game Pass on release, but is it the same for Minecraft Legends?

Will Minecraft Legends Be Available Through Xbox Game Pass?

If you’re an active Game Pass subscriber, it’s a great way to experience lots of different titles without having to commit to buying them. Plus, Microsoft now owns a plethora of studios and franchises, so a ton of games from them feature on Game Pass from day one. 

This will also be true of the latest entry in the increasingly diverse Minecraft franchise. Yes, the strategy-based spin-off Minecraft Legends will be available on release day to download straight from Game Pass on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC. This means if you’re an active Game Pass subscriber, you can download the game and try it out without dropping a stack of cash on the game.

With early reviews indicating a very mixed opinion on how good the game is, this is probably the best way to try Minecraft Legends to see if it’s something that you’ll actually enjoy before you commit to buying it. It’s an interesting move into a very different genre for the series, but if you love Minecraft you’ll likely have a blast regardless of critic sentiment.

Now that you know Minecraft Legends will be on Game Pass on release, will you be trying out commanding hordes of Creepers to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies? 

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