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Is Roblox Crossplay?

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Roblox is an absolute titan of a game for young gamers. Developer Roblox Corporation has made every effort to expand the game to all available platforms to capture as large of an audience and possible. You can play it on your phone, on your Mac, and it’s now being rolled out on consoles too. PlayStation will be the next console to get Roblox after it came to Xbox earlier in the year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Switch isn’t far behind. With all these platform options, though, you may be wondering: Does Roblox have crossplay?

Is Roblox Crossplay?

Roblox Corporation is trying to build a fully crossplay ecosystem for their games, and they’ve done a good job of setting up play across the various available platforms. You’ll be able to play on your PC, and then take your progress and jump right back in on your phone on the go. When you get home, you’re able to then boot it up on your Xbox and carry on. It’s quite a seamless crossplay set up, and one that works well. The only consideration here is that the PC version of the game is still king. It’s the version of the game that has the most features and is most developed.

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The mobile version of Roblox is actually a close second, and console ports are quite scaled down in comparison. You’ll still be able to get your core Roblox game loop in on console, though. The PC version just has a lot more functionality that has yet to be translated to the console versions of the game. This will likely be the same for the PlayStation version when that launches.

While Roblox does have a great crossplay system in place, not all versions of the game are built even. You’ll get the best experience on PC and mobile but you’ll still have the option to play on your console seamlessly although it’s a toned down experience there.

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