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Is There a Photo Mode in Dead Island 2?

Does Dead Island 2 Have a Photo Mode Featured Image - A Brawny Zombie leaps towards the screen, where the character, in first-person view, holds out a weapon.
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Dead Island 2 gets pretty dramatic (and messy) as you dispatch the undead using a wealth of tools. But what if you want to preserve some of that carnage for posterity, maybe even give it a little visual tweak? You might be wondering if there is a photo mode in Dead Island 2…

Does Dead Island 2 Have A Photo Mode?

Sorry, snap-happy slayers, you’re not able to pause the action and engage in digital photography in Dead Island 2. If you’re on PC, you can always take screenshots by using the Print Screen key, then paste them into Photoshop or another piece of image editing software. You could also use the capture option on PlayStation or Xbox if you’re playing on console.

But, since there’s no option to conceal the HUD, it won’t be a particularly pretty shot. It’ll just look like what it is: a regular in-game screenshot. It’s a shame as the loading screens feature some really gruesome stills of zombies being splattered. It’s enough to get you hopeful that you’d be able to create that effect in-game. Sadly not.

Could The Game Get A Photo Mode Later?

It’s certainly possible that Dambuster Studios, which made the game, could patch in a photo mode down the track. Several games have had exactly that happen post-launch — God of War Ragnarok is just one recent example. 

Some enterprising modder might also release a mod that adds a photo mode or, at the very least, gives you the option to remove the HUD. However, right now, on the subject of whether Dead Island 2 has a photo mode, the answer is no.

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