Here is the full answer to whether there is fast travel in Square Enix action RPG Forspoken, as you travel the vast land of Athia.

Forspoken’s magic kingdom is fairly large, though most of the human inhabitants don’t go wandering. But what about protagonist Frey? Can she, or rather you, save time and sneaker wear by teleporting across the land? Here is the full answer to whether there is fast travel in Forspoken.

Yes, Forspoken Has Fast Travel, but Only to Places You’ve Already Been

The good news is that, yes, you can fast travel. However, you need to have been to that place first. Specifically, you have to have found and entered a Pilgrim’s Refuge. You don’t have to be at a refuge to fast travel, but you can only fast travel to a Pilgrim’s Refuge or back to Cipal.

You’ll unlock your first refuge, Barren Plains Refuge, when Auden sends you on your first quest, a couple of hours into Forspoken. The quickest way to fast travel is go to the map and, if you’re using a joypad, click on the left thumbstick, L3. That’ll give you a list of all the available fast travel points. Some other places can be used as fast travel points, but the refuges are the primary ones.

The more you play and the further you travel, the more refuges you can unlock. Forspoken typically won’t force you to do that, but it’s in your own best interest, to save time manually traveling back and forth.

There are times when the game will prevent you from fast traveling, but most of the time, you’ll be able to hop back to Cipal or any of the unlocked refuges. So there is fast travel in Forspoken, and that’s how you go about using it.

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