If you have been wondering how does fall damage work in Forspoken, here is the full answer: pretty forgiving for Frey Holland during parkour

Square Enix’s Forspoken gives you a magical realm to explore, with ruins to explore, valleys to roam, and more. But what happens if you take a tumble while you’re parkouring about? How does fall damage work in Forspoken? Here’s the answer.

The Fall Damage System in Forspoken Is More Forgiving Than Most

The good news is Frey isn’t going to die horribly just because you took a single tumble. In fact, you can pull off a superhero landing and hop off high places. Some games have a specific fatal fall distance — fall past that and you’re dead. Others take away a big chunk of health if you fall. Forspoken works in a different way.

As long as you have some stamina left, you won’t die when you fall. If you’re not familiar with stamina, those are the diamond-shaped icons in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. As long as those aren’t completely empty, you’ll live. Even if you stumble into an apparently bottomless abyss, you’ll get teleported out.

However, you still have to watch out. If Frey’s stamina meter is empty — for example, if you’ve been using her magic parkour nonstop — she’ll take damage when she falls. The meter does refill fairly quickly, so on regular difficulty, you’d really have to be pushing her to take damage.

But as long as you have even a sliver of yellow stamina diamond left, falls won’t hurt Frey. And that’s how fall damage works in Forspoken. If you’re interested in further customizing your game experience though, check out how to use all of the different accessibility options in the game.

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