The conversation is running hot and heavy over what is reportedly the first-ever look at the upcoming Thief 4 ever to slip out of the Eidos Montreal offices.

It’s not a screenshot in the truest sense of the word, but this smally, grainy image of a man with a bow in a Victorian-looking street has the Thief community talking nonetheless. It is, or was, part of a gallery of images posted on the Eidos Montreal site showing the playtest department in action, but apparently somebody forgot to blur the screen in this one and even though it’s tiny and indistinct, it’s enough to throw serious taffers into a tizzy.

What do we see? It looks Thief-ish in that the guy on the screen, presumably Garrett, is packing a bow and wandering around a street that looks more or less like it belongs in The City. But why is it so brightly lit? Where is the light gem? And just who do those banners represent, anyway?

Those are just a few of the questions up for debate at Eidos’ Thief 4 forums, where fans are poring over the image and tossing theories back and forth, including the suggestion that it’s not actually a Thief 4 screen at all but one from Thief: Deadly Shadows, aka Thief 3.

It’s not clear whether the image was actually part of the publicly available 2010 Playtest gallery or if somebody messed around with URLs to dig it up. It’s still directly accessible but if it was part of the gallery it’s not anymore. There’s been no comment from an official Eidos rep at this point.

So what do we think?

via: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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