Here is the answer to whether you can play monster-hunting game Wild Hearts on Xbox or PC Game Pass (or even EA Play or Play Pro).

Wild Hearts sees you roaming a fantasy land inspired by feudal Japan, taking on a variety of warped wildlife. It’s available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox, which might make you wonder — is Wild Hearts on Game Pass?

Wild Hearts Isn’t on Game Pass, but Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers Can Try a Trial Early

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The game is not on Game Pass, meaning that if you want to play the full game on Xbox Series X | S, PC or PlayStation, you’ll have to buy it outright. Could it come to Xbox Game Pass later? It’s possible but very, very unlikely.

The reason is that Wild Hearts is published by EA, and EA has its own paid game subscription service, EA Play. EA games end up on EA Play or the higher-priced PC-only tier, EA Play Pro.

So is Wild Hearts on EA Play Pro? It is, but since it’s PC only, that service is not available on the Xbox Series X | S. However, it’s not all bad news for Xbox owners looking to play Wild Hearts.

Regular EA Play subscribers do get access to a trial, available now. The trial lets you play up to the gates of Minato and should give you a feel for the game. And since Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers get EA Play automatically, if you’ve got Ultimate, you can try the trial on Xbox Series X | S.

If it leaves you cold, you’ve wasted no money — and if it does grab you (the game takes a leaf out of Monster Hunter’s book), you can purchase the full version and kill all the monsters. Don’t worry, as the game gives you an excuse for hunting them down.

But ultimately, Wild Hearts is not on Game Pass, either Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass.

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