It’s Commander Shepard’s Birthday! (In 140 Years)

Happy Birthday Commander Shepard

140 years from today, the hero of the epic Mass Effect trilogy will be born.

On April 11, 2154, the famous Commander Shepard, Systems Alliance N7 graduate, first human Spectre and commanding officer of the SSV Normandy, will be born. That’s precisely 140 years from today, and given the Commander’s remarkable contribution to the defense of the galaxy against an overwhelming enemy, it’s a date that deserves celebration.

Alas, most of you probably won’t be around for the real deal, so BioWare is marking the event a bit early. There’s some fun going down at the BioWare booth at PAX East and for those who can’t make it, there’s a DIY Plan B: cupcakes! Cupcakes in Paragon and Renegade flavors, no less, with homemade strawberry filling and whipped cream frosting. And since this is a par-tay, there are also recipes for Paragon and Renegade cocktails, although if you ask me a real Renegade will just break the neck of a whiskey bottle over somebody’s head and then tip it up.

To really calibrate the festivities, BioWare’s “Happy Birthday Shepard” page includes N7 and Mass Effect cupcake wrappers that are really quite cool and a very stylish birthday card, too. Of course, actually giving it to the Commander will require traveling forward into a (fictional) future, so you may want to just bury it in a box with a “Do not open for 140 years” label on top and leave a note.

The celebration of Commander Shepard’s birthday does carry with it one little downside: About 30 years later, the galaxy burns. Eat, drink and be merry, kids!

Source: BioWare

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