One man has created the ultimate gestalt by combining a Speak and Spell with Rock Band.

Careful with your ears people, because this video can really teach you why the Speak and Spell died out.

The machine itself was one of the first electronic toys with a visual display, back in 1978, and that tinny voice plagued many a child’s nightmares. Combine it with the guitar from Rock Band and you have a instrument that both pleases and horrifies.

Gannon, aka Aj Pyatak, sought to create this weird hybrid for use on his new Toy Volcano album, supposedly due out at the end of 2009, along with many other instruments based around the circuitry of old electronic toys.

Also worth looking at is the Ghost of the Fisher Price Music Maker, which consists of the guts of this lovable toy mounted onto a sheet of perspex.

While I heartily applaud the sheer brilliance of the modding, I think I’ll bring some earplugs along because some of those higher pitches sound like the Mosquito.

Source: found via Gizmodo

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