Richard Horvitz, who was Raz in Psychonauts, also returns to voice a character in Schafer’s new game.

Double Fine have revealed a selection of the voice cast for it’s upcoming crowdfunding success story: Broken Age. Heading up the cast is Tenacious D frontman/School of Rock star/the voice of Eddie Riggs from Brutal Legend Jack Black, and he’s joined by some other familiar voices from some of Tim Schafer’s prior games, as well as some new talent. Black will provide the voice of a character called “Harm’ny Lightbeard.”

Richard Horvitz, who Schafer fans may recognize as the voice of Psychonauts‘s Raz (as well as the titular Zim in cult classic Invader Zim), will be voicing “The Space Weaver,” and Nick Jameson, Day of the Tentacle‘s Dr. Fred, will voice “Marshal Dune.” A few other Brutal Legend voice actors will play some more minor roles in the game, with the exception of Jennifer Hale (Ophelia), who will play “Mom,” a major story character.

The new cast members and their roles are as follows:

  • Kristen Sarkisian as Rocky
  • David Kaufman as Marek
  • Catherine Cavadini as Car’l
  • John Cygan as Spoon
  • Hynden Walch as Ch’t
  • Kate Higgins as Yarn Pal #2
  • Jamieson Price as Rommel

You can see what the sound like in the video above. All in all it looks like this game is going to have some very “colorful” characters, with just the right amount of quirk and charm you’d expect from a Schafer game.

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