Lego Star Wars developer Traveler’s Tales is partnering up with Disney to give the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise the Lego treatment.

If your are a fan of both nautical banditry and small colorful blocks, then today is your lucky day, as Traveler’s Tales announces its next Lego project Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean.

Like the other Lego games, Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean will take the players through the plot of the movies using characters, weapons, and whole locales that have been entirely blockified. Also like the other games, it will feature the ability to play as 70+ different characters, each with their own special abilities, which will need to be utilized in order to complete the numerous puzzles and challenges spread throughout the game.

Unlike the other Lego games, Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean will also feature a relatively robust sword-fighting mechanic, allowing for both the easy dispatch of weaker enemies and longer dramatic duels with the tougher ones. The platforming has also been improved upon from earlier games, so cavorting in the crow’s nest of a ship hopefully won’t feel like break dancing on buttered ice, as it sometimes did in other Lego games.

The story of Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean will cover not just the first 3 Pirates movies, but the upcoming On Stranger Tides as well. Because of this, the game will be coming out at the same time as the fourth installment in the franchise sometime in May.

Source: IGN

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