The God of War creator’s next game may feature “a gun and a person holding a gun.” Yay.

“I love the genre,” Jaffe told IGN when asked about Activision’s upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops, “but I feel it has been allowed to go a little — well, actually, quite a lot — stale when it comes to moment to moment mechanics. I’m hoping to see that iterated on in the future.”

When asked if he’d considered making a shooter of his own, and what he’d do to revitalize the genre, Jaffe responded, “I’ve thought about it, I’m not telling you.”

Jaffe left Eat Sleep Play, a company he founded back in 2007, earlier this year, and rumours quickly began circulating that the notoriously foul-mouthed developer would be turning his sights to the casual market. Those rumors were “highly exagerated,” apparently.

Currently without a publisher or a development team, the Twisted Metal creator is currently considering project ideas – thus far he’s managed to whittle thirty potential concepts down to two.

“There is a gun in [one of the games],” he said. “And you hold it. And all the things that I can sit here and passionately discuss and preach to you are absolutely things that I’m thinking about doing if it turns out the game we’re thinking about doing gets made next involves a gun and a person holding a gun.”

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