The Twisted Metal back-and-forth continues as series creator David Jaffe has once again denied the game’s existence, saying Michael Pachter’s accidental announcement of the game was “a joke.”

Over the weekend, analyst Michael Pachter appeared to either drop the ball or intentionally stick it to Twisted Metal and God of War creator David Jaffe by outing his new Twisted Metal game on GameTrailers’ Bonus Round show. “Sony really does have good first-party content, none-Move first-party content like David Jaffe’s Twisted Metal 2 Game,” Pachter said.

“Whatever it’s going to be called,” he added. “Sorry Jaffe. Jaffe called me his bitch the last time I saw him, so bitch that, Jaffe.”

But Jaffe denied, not for the first time, the existence of the game on his Twitter blog. “Amused & surprised people not seeing Pachter’s comment as the joke it was,” he wrote. “Hell I don’t care. Come E3 I’ll be sitting right here at my Mac.”

Jaffe had already shot down rumors of a new Twisted Metal game last week, tweeting, “By the way, I WISH we were making a new Twisted Metal. Making game you’ve already worked on is tons easier cuz your core blueprint is.” So is Jaffe sticking doggedly to his bluff (and probably enjoying some of the “is he-isn’t he?” attention in the process), or is Pachter just having a little fun at his expense? All will be revealed in just a couple of weeks: The 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo, AKA E3, begins on June 15.

Source: VG247

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