Jam To The Music In Splatoon 2 With This Hidden Rhythm Game


You can listen to all the music in Splatoon 2 and play a weird little rhythm game with this totally optional and semi-secret sound test Easter egg.

Music is a big part of the Splatoon 2 experience, so it’s no surprise that Nintendo included a sound test. Like everything else in Splatoon 2, though, you’ll have to discover it for yourself. There is no traditional menu in the game, so everything is accessed through the Inkopolis Hub. Even the singleplayer story isn’t exactly obvious if you haven’t been following the series since the start.

Learn all about this weird little rhythm game thing with our quickie guide and gallery below.

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Sound Test Rhythm Game Easter Egg | How To Play

To play the Sound Test mini-game, checkout the arcade machine (right next to the DDDR) — it’s a grey machine, next to the “Out of Order” UFO grabber outside The Shoal.

Stand close to the machine, and you’ll get a “[A] Play” prompt.

Playing the Sound Test

Once you’re in the sound test mini-game, you can listen to any of the tracks in Splatoon 2. Press [+] to start the music!

The [Left] thumbstick (Or just the thumbstick!) lets you choose one of the 42 tracks available. Some of the tracks you’ll need to unlock through the singleplayer story.

You can also set the difficulty level. Press [-] to choose the LV. You can play on Normal, Hard, or have the mini-game turned off. Press [-] to toggle between difficulty levels or turn off the game completely.

How It Works!

To start playing, just press [+] to start the music, then press [-] at least once (or twice!) to start the rhythm game.

The tricky part is actually playing it. At first, it looks easy — for green circles, press [ZL / ZR] or [L / R]. For pink circles, press [X / A / B / Y] or the [D-Pad] directions.

For green / pink squares, you’ll need to press buttons on BOTH controllers at once.

To exit the game, press [+] to stop the music, then press [B] to quit. Quitting is impossible unless you stop the music first!

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