Because of course he will

Hollywood’s two most prominent “I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a joke or not” icons – actor James Franco and bizarre cult film The Room – are about to collide. The quixotic star will direct a feature film based on The Disaster Artist, a book chronicling the making of the film, and will also star as its enigmatic director Tommy Wiseau.

An independent romantic drama originally made in 2003, The Room featured Wiseau himself in the lead role of a well-meaning man whose life is upended by an affair between his best friend and his girlfriend. The film is notorious for its bad acting, bizarre sitcom-like staging, random story events from nowhere (a subplot about a drug dealer comes and goes without explanation, Wiseau and his friends hang out in an alley tossing a football around in tuxedos for no reason), and Wiseau’s yet-undeciphered accent. Originally popular as an inside joke among comedians and industry folk, it caught on with the midnight movie circuit (along with the internet-reviewer crowd) and now has a passionate cult following.

No date or wider casting has been announced. The Disaster Artist was co-written by actor Greg Sestero, who played Mark in the film.

Source: Grantland

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