Sony’s portable hand-held gaming system had seen a doubling of sales in Japan last week.

Sony sold 184,610 PSPs for the week ending December 16, bettering the 91,481 sold the week prior to that. The sales gain could not be attributed to prominent new titles released in the same time frame, as only three games for the PSP marked among the top 50 best-sellers.

Despite the sales boost, Sony is still playing second fiddle to Nintendo in the region. The DS moved 222,144 units in the week ending December 16, and a whopping 28 of its titles ranked in the top 50 best-sellers.

Data from the analyst firm Media Create further shows the Wii moved 170,558 units, the PS3 63,720 and the PS2 18,025. Microsoft got no reprieve from its low sales in Japan, moving only 8,561 360s.


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