What’s the thing you want most in a Japanese porn game? Is it the ability to track how many times you choke the chicken? If the answer is yes, then boy, do we have an eroge for you.

Let’s be honest here: Most of the people who play Japanese erotic games aren’t doing so because they find the story interesting and the characters compelling and likable. Most of the people who play eroge are doing it just to get their rocks off – and now, finally, we have a game that quantifies just that.

Migite ga tomaranai boku to, osanajimi no shimai (a title which very loosely translates to “A story about me – a guy who can’t stop masturbating – and two sisters I was childhood friends with,” is an eroge developed by Waffle. It clearly knows its focus right from the title screen (or, indeed, the title), because the title contains an in-game masturbation stats page that helps you keep track of your time spent slap-boxing the one-eyed champ.

According to Canned Dogs, the masturbation statistics keep track of important things such as: “Today’s playstyle: Socks masturbation”, “Number of times you wanked today”, “Total number of times wanked so far (graph display possible)”, “Time taken for ejaculation” and “Average time taken for ejaculation.”

Not only does the game keep track of “Total time spent wanking so far” and “Total number of ejaculations so far,” but it’ll also show you in handy graph form just how long you take to flog the dolphin!

If ever there was a meter to quantify loneliness, this is it.

(Via Kotaku)

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