Jimmy Fallon Guns Down Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye 007


“You expect me to play?” “No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!”

His movies might not have been the best of the franchise, but to me, Pierce Brosnan has always been Bond. His rugged good looks are equally at home in a tux as they are in body armor. However, it takes more than that to pull those moves off in real life. Recently during an interview, Jimmy Fallon fulfilled a life-long wish and played the actor in a game of Goldeneye 007 on the N64, live on The Tonight Show.

The level: Complex. The setting: Power Weapons. That last bit might as well not matter, because as soon as Fallon gets the DD44 Dostovei, it’s game over. While Brosnan fumbles with the controls and karate chops the air, Fallon lines up his shot. Instead of giving a long-winded speech (the mistake most villains make), Fallon simply guns down the unarmed Bond, ending his 50-plus year killstreak in cold blood. This is a dark day indeed.

Even defeated, Brosnan remains a gentleman, letting Fallon have his victory. To be fair, Goldeneye isn’t the easiest game to learn in a minute or two. While the thumbstick for move and the trigger for shoot makes sense, trying to pick up those little guns on the ground always tricks people up. At least they weren’t playing our Goldeneye drinking game or trying to play with a steering wheel controller.

Source: The Tonight Show

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