Minecraft characters will also be available, come the Steam debut on June 24th.

If ever you’ve wanted Heavy from Team Fortress 2 to break all his bones in a bike wreck, look no further than Joe Danger 2: The Movie. This stunt title’s June 24th Steam release will feature characters from Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft, all just as playable as playable can be. Plus all the create and share tools you’ve come to expect from Steam releases, of course. Sound like something you’d enjoy? Take a look at this cheerful little trailer and see.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie features you, as the eponymous Joe, now a Hollywood stuntman with deadlines to meet. Most of the levels are straightforward rush-to-the-finish affairs, but some have alternate goals, like crushing dinosaur eggs before they hatch. The more stunts you do, the higher your boost meter, enabling even bigger stunts. This title has already been out on consoles; the Steam release is its first time on PC.

Calling Joe Danger! Director wants you on set!

Source: Hello Games YouTube

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