John Romero “Has Plans” for a New FPS


John Romero, one of the original Masters of Doom, says he hasn’t given up on the idea of another old-school FPS, but it won’t be Daikatana 2.

John Romero knows a thing or two about making FPSes. Yes, the Daikatana debacle and that whole ugly business at Ion Storm took a bit of the shine off his chrome, but when your resume includes Doom and Quake, even your most vehement skeptics have to admit that, yes, you do have a certain undeniable credibility in the field.

None of which means a whole lot, really, because Romero has spent the past decade or so horsing around with mobile games, social games, MMOs and just about everything else but shooters. You might think that he’d given up on the idea of ever going near the genre again, but that’s apparently not the case at all.

“Definitely not!” he wrote on Twitter in response to just that question. “I have plans…”

He has plans! But not, to be clear, for a sequel to Daikatana. “There will be no DK2!” he added.

I find that a little disappointing, actually. Daikatana may have been mediocre but its reputation for awfulness is largely a result of the massive hype campaign that preceded it rather than any particularly grotesque aspect of the game itself. There’s also something vaguely appealing about the idea of throwing a sequel in the faces of gamers, perhaps mostly in its rock-star rebelliousness – John Romero telling us all to suck it down again. Dare to dream, I suppose.

via: Blue’s News

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