Johnny Wilson on CGW


The former Editorial Director of Computer Gaming World took a few minutes to give us his reaction to the news that Ziff Davis canceled the oldest game publication this week…

Wilson, who served as Editorial Director of the magazine until 1999, is now with game publisher Manifesto Games.

“Ziff-Davis wanted to focus on high-profile titles and the high profile younger audience. They had no patience with my policy of trying to work in the occasional niche game or ‘out of favor’ game style,” he recalls.

“They rode the younger audience and they rode the blockbusters. Now, they’re hitching their star to Windows. Frankly, Computer Gaming World has been a Windows magazine since the mid-90s. What’s going to change?” Wilson asked.

“Are they finally going to recognize that their audience is adult gamers? That I’d love to see. The truth is that I miss working with some of the great people at Ziff-Davis, but I don’t miss the blockbuster mindset,” Wilson told the News Room.

“I might feel differently if our Manifesto Games site doesn’t work,” he continued, “But I’ve always liked championing the little games and I’m really enjoying the prep work we’re doing for launching the site.”

“Games for Windows? I think that was okay for the ’90s,” Wilson concluded, “But today’s game publication or site has to be ready to cover a broader spectrum-more about lots of games rather than more of less.”

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