Sony marketing frontman Kevin Butler has declared today “National #gamingis Day” on Twitter, and he wants you to join him.

At Sony’s E3 2010 press conference, actor Jerry Lambert – better known to gamers as Sony’s “Kevin Butler” character – stole the stage (and the show) to give an impassioned speech on what gaming really was. Gaming was “staying up until 3am for a trophy that isn’t real … but IS!” Gaming was “girls who know the way to a guy’s heart is through a melee attack.”

Yes, it was a pre-written speech by a clever marketer delivered by an actor, but that didn’t mean it didn’t strike a chord with gamers everywhere. We all love games, don’t we? Of course we do.

Now, it’s well known that we here at The Escapist are rather fond of the Kevin Butler campaign, so when the Kevin Butler Twitter account declared today “National #gamingis Day” and encouraged people in the Twitter-verse to start tweeting what gaming was to them, we thought we’d hop on board.

If you have a Twitter account, why not chime in? Remember to include the #gamingis hashtag, and throw your two cents into the pool: What is gaming to you?

I’ll start: Gaming is breaking your mouse-clicking finger and learning to use another finger to play TF2 and Diablo.

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