Scare yourself witless with our Slender: The Arrival live stream starting at 7:30pm eastern time (11:30pm GMT.)

Last year’s Slender scared The Escapist‘s Paul Goodman into giving it 4.5 stars, and the upcoming Slender: The Arrival already has him biting his nails in terrified anticipation. Whether you played Slender and can’t wait for more, or you just like horror for its own sake, we’ve got you covered. Starting at 7:30pm eastern time tonight, Paul will be streaming two hours of Slender: The Arrival on our channel.

You can watch the stream right here or, if you want to join the chat, you can head over to The Escapist‘s official Twitch page. However you do it, you’ll get to hear Paul wail in terror and, with any luck, cry like a baby as he wanders through the dark world of Slender: The Arrival.

If you’re likely to forget to tune in, you can get email reminders whenever we start streaming by following The Escapist on Twitch.

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