Journey is Coming to PS4 – Free For Whoever Bought it on PS3


Journey on PS4 will be free for anyone who has a valid licence of it on their PS3.

Journey was one of the surprise smash hits of the last console generation, coming from little-known indie dev Thatgamecompany and showing us all that you don’t need a big budget and fancy visuals to tell a compelling (albeit, short) story. Now, Sony is bringing it to the PS4, so a whole new generation of gamers can enjoy it’s simplistic charms. The game will be remastered to take advantage of the PS4’s hardware, and will be available for download on July 21.

But wait, there’s more! Journey on PS4 will support cross-buy, meaning if you already purchased a digital copy for your PS3, you’ll be able to download the PS4 version absolutely free of charge. Huzzah!

Additionally, for the truly hardcore Journey fan, you can pre-order the game’s soundtrack on vinyl, for $35. Pre-orders should ship by the end of next month.

This is all good news for Journey and PS4 fans. Too many times this generation we’ve seen developers take advantage of the transition in hardware to “develop” remastered definitive editions of last-generation titles, effectively re-selling the exact same game on the new consoles. Remastering Journey for PS4 and giving it away for free to Journey PS3 owners is something I would have thought to be a no-brainer, but unfortunately is not exactly the status quo.

Source: Sony

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