Jack Thompson’s wrongful death suit against Take Two Interactive and Sony has been dismissed by a New Mexico judge.

GamePolitics has reported that the suit, filed in 2006, claimed Grand Theft Auto: Vice City played a role in Cody Posey’s murder of his father, stepmother and stepsister. The murder gained national attention at the time because it took place at ABC news anchor Sam Donaldson’s ranch, which was managed by Posey’s father Delbert. Posey was 14 at the time of the killings, which took place in 2004.

The case was dismissed by Judge Valerie Huling, who ruled that the New Mexico Court had no jurisdiction over Take Two and Sony, since neither company has offices in the state. She also ruled that New Mexico laws did not support the wrongful death claim made in the case. Details of the arguments made by plaintiffs and defendants at the hearing have also been posted on GamePolitics.

Commenting on the dismissal, Take Two issued a statement saying, “We are pleased that the Court took decisive and appropriate action to dismiss a case that Take-Two has always known had no basis in law or fact.” Thompson has 30 days to appeal.

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