Judge Will Likely Deny Activision’s Brutal Legend Delay


The Los Angeles judge in charge of Activision’s motion to delay the release of Brutal Legend has tentatively ruled to deny the motion, though a final ruling has been delayed until next week.

Brutal Legend will likely see the light of day this Rocktober, with Activision’s attempt to set back Electronic Arts’ publishing plans via a lawsuit looking like it’s not going to get past the judge. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Craig Karlan said in a hearing today that he has tentatively ruled to deny Activision’s motion to push back the game’s release.

Tentatively, meaning that he’s leaving another week to make his final decision while his schedule clears and lawyers make their arguments. It sounds like Karlan doesn’t see much of a chance of success for Activision, however. One of the reasons he will most likely deny the delay, he said, is because he doesn’t see Activision’s prospects looking too hot. “I can’t say there’s a likelihood of success here,” Kaplan remarked.

This isn’t the only good news to come out of Karlan’s hearing for Brutal Legend onlookers. The Associated Press reports that Double Fine is planning on delivering a final and complete version of the game to EA on August 8, which is about a week from today. So, Brutal Legend is not only looking to be on schedule, it’s just about done.

[Via Kotaku]

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