Jurassic Park LEGO Set Campaigning To Be Official Product


Sami “Senteosan” Mustonen has launched a campaign to make his build of Jurassic Park‘s iconic gate an official LEGO product.

Earlier this month LEGO and Universal excited fans of prehistoric carnivorous lizards everywhere when they announced that they’d be working together to deliver a new line of construction sets based on the highly anticipated 2015 film. Sadly, neither company has any actual models to show off with their announcement, leaving LEGO fans everywhere in the untenable position of having to use our imaginations. Luckily for us, some in the LEGO community have already taken steps to show us just how cool it will be to build a brickosarus rex.

LEGO builder Sami “Senteosan” Mustonen, for instance, recently initiated a campaign at LEGO Ideas, hoping to gain enough support to make his Jurassic Park set an official LEGO product. Mustonen’s set is based off of the iconic gate to the classic film’s titular theme park and would include the gate itself, one of the park’s cars, three mini-figures based off of characters from the film and a LEGO T-Rex. The T-Rex is notably also the subject of another sepertate campaign Mustonen is running entitled “Bricksauria.”

Avid followers of LEGO Ideas and its predecessor CUUSOO will like recall that this isn’t the first time Mustonen has initiated a campaign for his Jurassic Park build. His previous attempt was foiled however, by licensing issues that prevented LEGO from using the set even if it had reached the 10,000 supporters it needed for official review. The recent Jurassic World deal cleared up these issues however, and we’ll be watching eagerly to see if Senteosan’s set makes it on second time around.

Source: LEGO Ideas

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