First look at blockbuster series-revival goes big, new, different… and maybe a little crazy

We’ve had rumors, we’ve had teasers, but now we’ve got the first real look at Collin Trevorrow and Executive Producer Steven Spielberg’s ambitious revival of the sci-fi dinosaur franchise Jurassic World, with a debut trailer that has shocked and divided fans with big new ideas and a bold new direction for the series.

The trailer (which actually launched two days ahead of schedule, possibly to avoid colliding with that of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens) primarily offers a first look at “Jurassic World” itself – a sprawling, fully-operational theme park built on the site of the original Park but more in the realm of Disneyland (or Sea World) – and introduces our new lead characters: Chris “Starlord” Pratt as an dinosaur-trainer and Bryce Dallas-Howard as a geneticist.

But it’s the new (for the movies, at least) plot elements that have some fans seeing red: As early rumors had suggested, the film’s saurian antagonist appears to be a (yet-unseen) “hybrid” mutant created by Howard’s character by combining the DNA of multiple dinosaur species; and a suprising final stinger features Pratt’s character riding (to the rescue?) through the jungle on a motorcycle – flanked by a team of friendly (or, at least, human-compliant) Velociraptors.

Suped-up Franken-Dinos? Raptor heroes? That’s certainly a new take on the franchise. Will it work? We’ll find out when Jurassic World debuts on June 11, 2015.

Source: Universal Pictures


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