Remembrance: The Adventurer\'s Journal

Katt: A New Home


Katt: A New Home

Character Name: Katt
World: Bismarck
Linkshell: The Returners
Race: Mithra
Job: Dark Knight/Warrior

My family and friends used to always call me curios. They were right. Windurst was not enough to satisfy my tastes. In school I had learned about the other nations. Bastok, San Doria, Jeuno… I wanted to see them, see what a machine looked like, see the beautiful Château of Northern San Doria, and much more. At home I was able to save up enough gil from chores, during my spare time I had been planning a safe way to Mhaura. When I had enough gil I bought a couple of powders said to make someone invisible. I knew I had to get out of Windurst, I knew I had to get to Mhaura, and I knew I had to see the world, Vana’diel.

I left my home at night, when my cruel parents were asleep. I used one of the powders, hoping it worked, to sneak past the town guards. The trip to Tahrongi Canyon was quite simple. The only thing I truly had to fear where the beastmen, but these ones didn’t seem to enthusiastic about their patrolling. Once I made it to Tahrongi Canyon the sun started to rise up which meant only one thing, adventurers would pass by, and if I was seen I would be brought back home. I rushed through Tahrongi, using a map I had drawn from school. Buburhima Peninsula, the outer area of Mhaura, was infested with goblins. Getting to Mhaura wasn’t easy. I knew I only had one choice… I had to use one of my other powders, I only had two left, in Selbina I’ll have to make due without them. I was able to reach Mhaura unharmed; however the sun had risen, I would have to hide in Mhaura till night.

Hiding in Mhaura was easier then I thought it would be, with one of the powders left I was able to hide inside a crate of food labeled to go out on the ship tonight. It was then that I thought of my home, I knew that my parents weren’t concerned about me missing, my mother was probably stealing more food and gil from the residents, and my father is too locked up to even know he has a daughter. The only ones who would truly care about me missing would be my friends. It was then that the crate started to move. I looked out of a crack in the wood and saw a Galkan carrying the crate into the cargo hold of the ship. After sometime a couple of adventurers and merchants came on board. One of them stood out the most, a man wearing darksteel armor and an incredible scythe.

The boat ride was boring. With the adventurers fishing up on the deck and merchants bartering goods, I was left down in the cargo hold wondering what was to come ahead. It was starting to get dark in the cargo hold and I was taking a peek out of the ship to see the land. But I didn’t see land… I saw another ship. It was then someone yelled something about pirates.
I could hear some doors lock and people on the deck screaming. I rushed out of the box and ran up some stairs to the door to the deck where people were pounding to get in. I reached for the lock and removed it. However, people didn’t come in… only corpses.

I was scared, trying to catch my breath from the surprise, then I saw what had caused it. A couple of skeletons looked at me and started to slowly walk towards me, grinning, laughing. I thought that I was going to die, but some bones flew at me. I looked up and saw the man swing his scythe at another skeleton, separating it’s upper half from it’s legs, and sending bones scattering to the floor. The man grabbed me and brought me back to the cargo hold. He put me down and locked the doors that the undead were pounding at. He then looked at me, then through a crack in the wood, and then at a scroll he had in his hand. Sweat dropped from his face, he knew that only one of us would live. I was still crying in a corner when the doors suddenly got knocked down and more skeletons started to walk in. The man quickly ran to me and gave me a pendant. I asked him why. He replied, “Zeid will know and you will know when the time comes.” It was then that he started to read off the scroll as the skeletons lunged towards him, stabbing him. The man was bleeding and once he finished reading the scroll… he smiled at me.

Before I knew it I was in another port town, Selbina. I was tired and looked for a place to sleep hidden. However a woman on a chocobo saw me and asked me where my home was. I knew I couldn’t go back now, so I had to lie. I told her my home was at Bastok. The woman thought it was strange for a Mithra to have a home in Bastok, but she lifted me up and put me on the chocobo behind her. We left Selbina, Valkurm Dunes, and went to Bastok… my new home.

Bastok, nation of the Humes and Galkans. Years had passed since my journey from Windurst. I was now in my teens. I used to live in the slums, stealing food and gil to survive. However I was caught by the inn keeper. Instead of turning me in, the inn keeper needed a maid to help him with the inn. I gladly accepted his offer and worked in the inn where he gave me a separate room for my home. Not being able to go to school I had to read books from shops and some of the ones in the inn. However I could still not figure out what the pendant meant and who Zeid was.

Having worked up enough gil from the inn I was able to attend the Adventurer Academy. The current subject they were on was Windurst, where I was easily able to excel in grades and graduate. It was either luck or fate. I was asked to meet the instructor at the fountain in the markets of Bastok. There were two kids talking but then were interrupted by the instructor and his assistant. The instructor had no time for the speech and quickly gave me an adventurer’s coupon. It was then that he walked away, having business to attend to the local beastmen. I had no idea though that I was going to see him more… I had no idea what was to come ahead in my search. For now only one thing mattered to me, finding out what this pendant represents and who Zeid was…

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