Multiple reports are coming in that keeping your iPhone 6 in your pants may actually be damaging it.

Update 2: Responding to fan criticisms, Lou subjected a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a phone of roughly the same size as the iPhone 6 Plus, to the same bending test, but was unable to reproduce the results, meaning that this phenomenon is unique to the iPhone. Furthermore, when he attempted to “unbend” his original bent iPhone 6 Plus, the glass on the screen cracked, causing further damage to the phone.

Update: Lou, of Unbox Theory has just uploaded a video seemingly confirming these reports, demonstrating just how easily the iPhone 6 Plus bends using nothing more than his bare hands.

Original Story: When purchasing a new mobile phone, there are lots of things consumers look for. Affordability, speed, size, and brand are some of the attributes most people pick and chose from. Being able to keep said phone in your pocket for an extended period of time, is not usually something that phone shoppers even think about, because it should pretty much be a given. However, if you are considering buying an iPhone 6, and you want to be able to keep your phone in your pocket, you may want to think again. Multiple reports are coming in from iPhone 6 users claiming that keeping the phone in their front pants pocket is causing the entire phone’s casing to “warp.”

According to the reports, collated by, the iPhone 6’s new, lightweight aluminum body is to blame. The iPhone 6 is considerably thinner than previous models, and also quite a bit larger. Unlike smaller phones that can slide out of the way, pressure points from sitting or bending now have greater potential to cause the longer iPhone to flex in a way that will damage the device.

Users are reporting that the warping is most noticeable when the phone is kept in a pocket for an extended period of time, during a passive activity such as driving. One user reports that after a four-hour-drive, his iPhone had experienced significant warping.

The reporter also confirms that his own phone had warped, and has photographic evidence of the phone, fresh from its package, showing no signs of warping, confirming that the warping had occurred since first purchasing the phone.

We have reached out to Apple for comment.

Do any of you guys have iPhone 6s? Are you experiencing this issue?


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