Dear Ke$ha: you’re among friends here. You can admit that “Tik Tok” is actually a love letter to Star Trek.

Ke$sha has admitted that her hit pop song, “Tik Tok,” was inspired by how she felt after an epic night of partying, with lyrics written in bits and pieces before she collapsed into a drunken sleep on her bed. However, a new video on YouTube shows that the song might secretly have been written as a narrative for the original Star Trek series’ more epic moments.

The fan-made video is pretty hysterical, showing off just how much the crew from the Enterprise enjoyed playing dress-up, dancing, and fighting each other. There are a ton of big moments here: when Kirk wound up sitting on a Tribble, when Spock played the harp, when Uhura danced drunkenly, and when Sulu jumped out of a door shirtless (you’re welcome, ladies) while holding a fencing foil. The frightening thing is that all of these scenes actually correspond to lyrics in the song.

Normally, I have no patience for this song and even less for Ke$ha herself, but I actually enjoyed myself when I watched the Star Trek video because it was just so goofy. Did Kirk really dress up as a Native American medicine man at one point? Apparently. Just like how the show apparently featured way more dance sequences than I remember seeing in the reruns I watched as a child.

The entire video is ridiculous, but it’s funny and will make any Star Trek fan grin when they spot a moment they remember from the show. That’s more than I ever smiled while watching the song’s official music video.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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