Ken Levine comments on six of his personal favorite games during an interview with MSNBC.

An MSNBC interview with Bioshock creator Ken Levine asked the videogame visionary for his personal top six favorite games. Levine’s interests landed mostly in the role-playing and turn-based strategy genres.

Here are his six favorites, in no particular order, with comments from the Levine himself on the merits of each:

  • Civilization IV– “I love this game because it’s entirely player driven and endlessly fascinating. Also the design simply refuses to get old, some fifteen years later.”
  • World of Warcraft– “I don’t want to ever make the mistake of typing /played again. You know how in the movies when the father comes home, and he puts on his slippers and drinks a glass of scotch? Well, that’s ‘WoW’ to me. I boot it up every day. Sometimes for a few minutes. Usually more. It’s my always-reliable secret shame.”
  • Heroes of Might and Magic 2– “I went through a tough period a few years ago and the only thing that could take my mind off my trouble was ‘Heroes.’ The beautiful world, the endless variety, the direct but deep gameplay…I never thought I’d find a turn-based strategy (game) to approach ‘Civ,’ but Heroes was up to the challenge.”
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past– “The realization of the original NES vision, I think this is the game that really fused Nintendo’s arcade sensibilities with something deeper. Zelda set the paradigm for pretty much every action/adventure game ever made, and for some reason, it never gets old, and it’s always relevant, no matter how many times they go back to the well or re-invent it.”
  • Beyond Good and Evil– “A masterpiece of place and character. Who wouldn’t fall in love with Jade, the main character, the moment you walked into her mini-house/orphanage and saw how much that world needed her? Great characters, great gameplay and a setting that managed to combine whimsy and dystopia in one unforgettable package.”

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