transparent plastic 2ds

The transparent blue and transparent red 2DS variants launch on November 7.

Everyone knows that back when the original Gameboy launched, only the coolest of the cool kids had the special “transparent plastic” variant released in 1995. Now, Nintendo is once again kicking it like it’s the mid-90s, announcing two special transparent plastic variants of its recently released 2DS console. “Wicked-sick!” as they would have said back then.

The transparent blue and transparent red 2DS variants will launch on November 7, and as it was Tweeted from Nintendo UK’s official Twitter account, we can assume that they will be exclusive to Europe, at least for the time being. We’ve asked Nintendo of America if they will be released stateside, but have yet to get a response.

While it’s certainly a cool-looking variant, it seems a shame that its only on the 2DS model, which, to be honest, looks pretty damn ugly. It also seems like a waste with the “New 3DS” right around the corner.

Source: Twitter

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