I wish Japanese companies sold these mechanized robot suits when I was a kid.

Back in the day, I always wanted to drive around in a Power Wheels car. The jingles were just so damn catchy, but having a miniature car that really drove was reserved for the kids with really rich parents. Still, given the option nowadays, I would forget about that crappy automobile business and splurge on a fully-functional walking robot suit. Japanese robotics company Sakakibara Kikai sells just such a suit for a cool 1,800,000 yen (or $22,239 given today’s exchange rate.) That’s just a pittance when you consider just how happy you’d make your child if you bought them one of these jalopies.

See? Nothing but smiles! Don’t forget the working grabber thing that look strong enough to pick up the mail, if you’re lucky!

Ok, so the robot isn’t actually walking. It looks like the feet have wheels on the bottom and the legs move back and forth to approximate a walking motion, but hey, who’s counting? I’d still love to have my soon to be old enough baby-child proudly ride around in one of these babies.

Anybody know a good line on where I can sell my kidney?

Source: Sakakibara Kikai

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