The first gameplay footage of Killzone 3 will make you wish you’d brought your scarf and mittens.

Why can’t a war ever be fought on the sunny beaches of Hawaii? That’s the question the latest Killzone 3 trailer made me ask, which takes place on a freezing snowy mountain facility.

Just look at the soldier the trailer first pans to. Short sleeves? Did he leave his coat at home? Or is he just that much of a bad-ass? Seriously, the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance needs to learn the value of a warm jacket if it ever wants to take out the Helghast for good.

Maybe he needs more mobility for Killzone 3‘s close-combat attacks. Looking similar to Zeno Clash, Killzone 3 will have players snapping necks and kicking dudes in the gut in-between bouts of using massive gatling weaponry and riding on tanks.

Killzone 3 will also include a bug wing-like weapon-loaded jetpack to fly around with. However, enemies have a spidery jetpack of their own. Who will win the battle of insect jetpacks? You decide.

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