Games now need regular patches to keep cheaters at bay, says Killzone 3’s producer.

Guerrilla Games, makers of the Killzone series, says that the recent security problems on the PS3 are a significant concern for the studio, and it is “aggressively” monitoring the online elements of Killzone 3 to make sure that hackers and cheaters aren’t spoiling the fun for everyone else.

Producer Steven Ter Heide said that Guerrilla was working with Sony on moderation issues, such as making sure that any reports of misbehavior were thoroughly investigated, and that it had a very clear picture what was going on in the game. He also said that Guerrilla still had work to do on the development side, as it had to examine its data, identify any “holes” in the game and make sure that they got fixed. He said that the reality was that games now required regular patches to stay ahead of the hackers.

The idea of regular patches doesn’t sound too appealing, but a steady of stream of updates is fast becoming the PS3’s calling card. Given the choice between fewer updates and a hack free game however, it’s a safe bet that most players will choose the latter. It’s just unfortunate that recent events have made that choice necessary at all.

Source: CVG

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