Yeah, those Killzone: Shadow Fall air conditioners can be pretty scary, but you may not need to shoot them.

If you were wondering what Killzone: Shadow Fall was going to look like on release, wonder no more, for the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show has you covered. Yet another peek at the PS4 controller is quickly followed by some on-screen action, and while not entirely Clueless, it’s clear Fallon and Anthony Anderson need some practice. Unless there was something about those aircon units that made them more dangerous than they looked.

Killzone, the game that hid in a shoebox for a few years while waiting for its HD rediscovery, is a post-nuclear apocalypse shooter series, and the Shadow Fall installment is set about 30 years after the previous game. You fight for the Vektan against the Helghast – ie. those fellas with the pumpkinhead eyes. Herman Hulst has called it a throwback to the Cold War, with both factions fighting for survival as they seek a new home.

This one’s going to be a PS4 launch title, which presumably means a Christmas release.

Source: YouTube

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