Killzone: Shadow Fall Launch Trailer Trades Trauma For Drama

The Killzone: Shadow Fall launch trailer is awfully pretty but surprisingly short on action.

It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on in this Killzone: Shadow Fall launch trailer, but it certainly is dramatic. Lots of stuff happening, people speaking ominously about means and ends, some Blade Runner-esque shots of a grey, fenced-in dystopia and even a few explosions to make sure you’re paying attention. And if it doesn’t leave you with a clear picture of what to expect from the game, well, it’s still cool, right?

I’m actually not being cynical here – not entirely, anyway. I do think it looks very cool, and I like the idea of a shooter that’s willing to play with the idea that the line between good guys and bad guys isn’t always black and white. I can’t say I’m entirely confident that it will live up to my ambitions for it, but for now, at least, the potential is tantalizing.

Killzone: Shadow Fall launches on November 15, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 – which, probably not coincidentally, also launches on November 15.

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